May 19, 2020

Virtual Luxury Apartment Viewings in Montreal with LuxuryMTL

Benefits of Social Distancing

Social distancing remains vital to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As difficult as it is to create so much space between us all, the LuxuryMTL team is doing its part by protecting our clients from health risks. At the same time, we understand some aspects of life simply cannot stop, such as finding an apartment.


How Can In-Person Viewings Be Dangerous?

Touring luxury rentals in-person in Montreal allows you to walk the space & feel the vibe of a specific area. While these types of viewings are preferred, our clients face safety risks from such things as coming into contact with others, handling door knobs, and even light switches. However, just because social distancing guidelines mandate that we stay separated, that does not mean we must forget a sense of connection with our community. The LuxuryMTL team is determined to meet your needs while practicing social distancing to protect our community.


Virtual Luxury Apartment Viewings in Montreal with LuxuryMTL

Despite the fact that Provincial restrictions on visits has now been lifted, social distancing is still key to protecting each other. So, we decided we can best serve our community by offering FaceTime video calls. This practice allows us to accommodate both the needs of our community and our clients wishing to view our extensive list of exclusive luxury apartment rentals, such as in South West Montreal, Griffintown, Downtown, Plateau, Westmount, NDG and Cote-des-Neiges.Remember, you want to start your virtual tour at least 30 days before you intend to move. Luxury rental apartments in downtown Montreal are still in great demand, it is essential to act fast.


What Is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour, or video walk-through, means the team at LuxuryMTL will work with you while social distancing. Through this type of tour, we can show you our exclusive rental apartments in downtown Montreal. For example, if we were walking through a Saint Henri rental, it remains a dynamic process, you are able to interact, ask specific questions about the property and see in detail any aspects of the apartment of particular interest. By using a video walk-through, you can walk through the property, get a sense of the space you are considering, from the safety and comfort of your current space.


Schedule a Virtual Tour Today

At LuxuryMTL, we understand the significance of finding your new home without facing danger, even during these challenging times. Our LuxuryMtl team offers the resources to help you take those first steps in finding your new home. Contact us for your virtual visit today of luxury apartment viewing in Montreal.

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